Grand Rapids Real Estate Mobile App

Grand Rapids Real Estate Mobile App

Grand Rapids Real Estate Mobile App

The Real Estate market is a fluid, ever changing beast and the ways of searching for Grand Rapids Real Estate, trying to find that perfect home or condo, has to change to keep pace. More and more people are using their mobile phones, tablets or iPads while driving around through the various neighborhoods, to look up information on homes and condos. Realtors should be taking advantage of this amazing technology to market their listings and/or provide  potential buyers with easy “mobile” access to their listing’s information.

Here at Realty Executives, we have some pretty slick tools that we use to market our homes and to give unlimited access to every listing in Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan. I just love this technology!

Try our Mobile App yourself right now. Text “Andrew Ingram” to “35620”. You will be sent a link to the app where you can now use your phone, your tablet or iPad to search for homes or condos throughout Grand Rapids. No more calling the agent and waiting for a return call or writing down addresses and having to wait until you return home to your computer. Get the information right now. While you are sitting outside the home and/or search for other active listings in the area.

Selling Your Grand Rapids Home?

Now you can drive my one of my listings and simply text me and instantly (and automatically), you will receive a return text with complete information on that property including all of the interior pictures.

Try it right now! Text “73460” to “35620”. You will instantly receive a text back with a link to all of the current information on one of my listings.

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Mobile Marketing is outperforming conventional internet marketing 5 to 1. It’s time to take your home mobile. If you are selling your home or condo, give me a call or text at 616-570-1871. I would love to show you how this can help you tremendously when selling your home.