Hot Kitchen Trends for 2014

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2014

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Old and Busted: Oak Cabinets – New Hotness: White Cabinets

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? You aren’t alone! Kitchen renovations were the top home project throughout 2013 and it looks as though this trend will continue into 2014.

The kitchen always seems to be a focal point at parties and/or family gatherings and why not, that is usually where the food and/or the cold beer is kept. Renovating your kitchen can be a costly project if you want it to be but you can save money by taking on some projects yourself. White cabinets is a clean, modern look and you don’t have to purchase a complete new set. There are products on the market and plenty of self help guides to show you how to inexpensively transform your older oak look into a sensational modern kitchen. A great place to find Do It Yourself (DIY) guides is Pinterest…of course. Pinterest holds an ever-growing wealth of DIY information about many things and there you can find some great How-To Kitchen Project guides.

Aside of white cabinets, a cool look that I have seen in a few condos is open shelving. Where you have no door on your cabinets.2014 Kitchen Trends Stainless Steel appliances is a timeless look and really, if you have to replace your kitchen appliances, it worth it to consider the upgrade to stainless.

Top Kitchen Trends

  • White cabinets
  • Open Shelving (no door)
  • Black Counter Tops
  • Dark Accent Colors
  • Work Zones (specialty work areas)
  • Walk-In Pantries
  • High Tech Gadgets
  • Eco-Friendly products
  • Integrated Appliances
  • Layered Kitchen Lighting

When selling your home, having an up to date kitchen is a great marketing point. There is nothing better than walking into a house or condo and seeing a clean, updated kitchen. It’s a big selling point. If you are going to invest money in your home, seriously consider starting with your kitchen. Not only will you love it, you will be better off when it is time to sell.

If you would prefer to have a professional do the work for you you, I can recommend several excellent local builders. Always take the time to meet with a few builders/contractors, to get an accurate estimate and a better idea of your costs.