Remodeling Trends for 2014

Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends for 2014

2014 Remodeling Trends

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It’s Spring at last… (don’t hold your breath) and it is finally time to get serious about some of those jobs you have been thinking about all winter. Is finally getting rid of that old brass hardware in your home, on that list? Not so fast! Brass is making a comeback of sorts, although it is not the bright shiny brass we so often have seen.

With the economy improving, more and more home owners are spending money on those projects they have been putting off. This report shows the dollar amounts spent around the country.

If you are planning on selling your Grand Rapids home or if you are thinking of making a few changes to your home, take some of these Trends into consideration as these latest home improvements could help you sell your home quicker.

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2014 Remodeling Trends

Modern Kitchens

According to data compiled by Hanley Wood and Remodeling Magazine, 61 percent of re-modelers surveyed expect to complete kitchen remodels in 2014, more than any other room in the house. And, those remodels are expected to follow a new trend.2014 Remodeling Trends

Not so long ago, remodeled kitchens had a rustic feel with warm paint colors and cabinetry, and wrought iron hardware and lighting. Now, modern is in, with white or gray cabinetry, simple countertops, glossy finishes and minimalist designs. Appliances are more likely to be blended into the design or hidden away from view entirely to give the kitchen a sleeker appearance.

Bass Accents

Brass made a comeback at home-design and remodeling conventions this year and the trend is expected to pick up in 2014. While brass is nothing new, it has gotten a facelift. Highly polished, bright brass hardware and lighting is gone; rustic, dull and hammered brass is in. The new looks will be incorporated into kitchen and bathroom hardware as well as lighting and door hardware throughout the house.

Updated Bathrooms

In the Hanley Wood survey, bathrooms came in second to the kitchen with 58 percent of remodelers planning to do bathroom remodels in 2014. As far as style, vintage bathrooms with wainscoting and claw-foot tubs won’t be as popular as resort-style bathrooms that feature amenities such as large walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, heated floors or towel racks, and jetted bathtubs. For coloring and style, glass tiles will be a popular feature as well as neutral and cool colors like ash gray, light blue and off-white.

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